ACTION!™ LaunchBall™

Launch into an exciting game of constant fielding and scoring!


Players use custom LaunchBall™ Launchers to launch, catch, and transport the 3 foam LaunchBalls. Three offensive players simultaneously launch 1 ball each by placing it in their Launcher net, and quickly pulling the handles apart. The players set down their Launchers, and run between home base and 2 cones, scoring as many points as possible before the defense fields and transfers the balls to its 2 designated goalies.

The offense scores 3 points for making it to the farthest cone and back (28' away), and 1 point for the closest cone (16' away). If the defense catches a launched ball, the offensive player who launched it does not run. Once all 3 balls are with the goalies, the runners stop and three more offensive players launch.

All offensive players launch before the teams change offense and defense. The round ends when both teams have been on offense, and a game consists of 5 rounds. Complete Set includes 18 launchers, 6 foam balls (3.5" dia), 2 cones (1 purple, 1 orange), 2 orange pinnies, 1 home base (9" dia), a VersaBag™ mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.

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