ACTION!™ Scoot-N-Scoop™

Scoot to scoop up the most balls for your team and win! 


Each team has a designated Scooper (who lies on his/her stomach on a scooter with a net) and Scooter (who pushes the Scooper by his/her legs) in this human hungry hippos. At the signal, it's a race for the Scooter to get the Scooper near the middle to collect as many balls as possible with the oversized net and get them back to their team's area. Quickly rotate in a new Scooper and Scooter for the next round and repeat! 

Get the Scoop on Excitement

The objective of Scoot-N-Scoop™ is to be the team with the most Scoot-N-Scoop balls at the end of the round. One player from each team is the scooper and the other is the scooter. The scooper lies on the scooter on his/her stomach and holds the net in 1 hand. The scooter holds the scooper’s feet in order to push him/her backwards and forwards across the playing area. On the signal, all players race towards the center and scoop as many balls into the net as possible and return them to their hoop. Each ball is one point and the team with the most points wins.

Colorful Components

The Scoot-N-Scoop™ balls come in fun Rainbow® colors for added excitement and organization. All balls measure 2.5” dia and are inflatable. The nets are made of black PVC tubing with a Rainbow® sleeve and white net. Their TPR handle provides a better grip for all users.

Each Scoop-N-Scoop set includes 60 balls, 6 SST indoor scooters, 6 Scoot-N-Scoop nets, 1 Medium VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bag, and activity instructions.

Fast-Paced Games

The objective of Rainbow® Scoot-N-Scoop is to be the first team to collect all of its Scoot-N-Scoop™ Balls. This game has scoopers and scooters, similar to Scoot-N-Scoop™. However, students are only to collect the balls of their color. The players that are not scooters/scoopers work to move the balls away from other team members. The first team to collect all of their team colored balls wins.

In Scooped, divide the class into 7 teams (six teams are assigned a Rainbow® color and given a scooter and net). The remaining team will be the throwers. Throwers are positioned behind the line in the 5' wide section. On signal, throwers toss any color ball into the playing area. One player from each team is a sitting on the scooter with their net and another player pushes them and attempt to catch their team’s balls in the net. The team to collect all of their team color balls first wins.

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