ACTION!™ Super Shielders™

Save your city or demolish the opponent's - either way you'll be a superhero!


Teams of citizens race to collect balls and throw them at the opponent's towers to knock them down, but be mindful, the tower hit must match the color of the ball thrown. Each team's designated superhero must protect their team's towers by deflecting balls with their custom super shield. The first team to knock down all 3 towers wins! Add a new dimension with 2 villains that tag and "freeze" citizens.

Complete Set includes 6 towers (18"H), 2 shields (23"L x 20"W), 2 hero pinnies, 2 villain pinnies, 36 balls (6" dia), 2 VersaBag™ mesh storage bags, and activity instructions. Increase the number of superheros by incorporating additional shields. 

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