ACTION!™ ToppleTubes™

Unique 2-color tubes are small in size, but BIG on versatility and durability!


Incorporate these 1-piece rotomolded vinyl tubes in PE games for elementary students! Simply scatter ToppleTubes™ throughout the play area, in no order or color pattern. At the signal, players race to flip them so their team's color is to the top. The team with the most standing tubes with its color "up" at the end of the game wins!

Use ToppleTubes™ for relays, races, and agility exercises — your options are endless! Tough vinyl stands up to routine use without cracking or ripping. A hexagonal shape and concave ends increase the tube's stability while the narrow center makes it easy to grasp.

Set includes 24 tubes (8-1/2"H x 4"W), a VersaBag™ mesh storage bag, and detailed instructions with 3 activities, and 2 fitness exercises, and 4 additional uses — all 5 activities include multiple options for variety.

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