GenMove MultiGoal Games Pack

Score from all sides with this goal activity pack!


Easy-to-learn, fast-paced games with versatile goals keep students moving while developing ball control skills, coordination, and teamwork. An included lesson book with GenMove games has a number of assessment-based activities that keep kids moving while building physical, social, and cognitive skills. Add the multigoal fun to your Physical Education class today!

Versatile Gameplay

These goals can be used for a wide variety of different games and activities, most often as goals for tossing or kicking games. The complete set includes an activity guide with plenty of game ideas to keep your entire class busy and excited!

High-Quality Equipment

Each pack contains everything you need to set up a large range of multigoal games in your class. A full pack includes a lesson book, two goals with storage bag, a stacker adapter and a ball, with individual goals and balls sold separately.

The Individual Jr. Goal is a smaller, lighter version of the standard, portable, and highly unique 360-degree MultiGoal. It can turn any space, indoor or out, into an active play area. As a result, you can increase participation and success for everyone, providing a fun experience for skill building and fitness through non-traditional, non-contact sports games with this collapsible four-sided goal.

The GenMove ball is a multi-purpose hand-sewn ball, made with the kind of quality that allows it to be kicked, rolled, dribbled and shot for game after game.

GenMove MultiGoal Games Options

GenMove MultiGoal Games are available in packs. Additional Goals and Balls sold separately.

  • Complete Packs. Includes 1 lesson book, 2 goals with storage bag, 1 stacker adapter, and 1 ball.
    • MultiGoal Jr. Games Pack
    • MultiGoal Games Pack
  • Individual Components
    • Individual MultiGoal Jr., 33”H x 31” dia
    • Individual MultiGoal, 33”H x 48” dia
    • GenMove Ball
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