Jumbo QuickCups™ Sportscup Set

Our thickest, strongest cups now 40% larger!


A challenging game that anyone can play, cup stacking is a great way to improve hand/eye coordination, dexterity, and ambidextrous abilities. Oversized cup design and thicker material makes it easier to stack them in various sequences. 

Fun for Anyone!

Cup stacking is an all-inclusive, non-discriminatory activity that caters to any age person. Because of the simple concept of the activity, there’s no learning curve or participation barrier. It takes no time to understand the game and anyone can become highly proficient at stacking with a little practice.

These cups are particularly good for beginners thanks to their 40% larger size and thicker construction. The added size and heft allow them to stand up to heavier handling and can assist students in developing finesse as their skills improve. Larger cups are harder to handle, which puts a focus on refining technique before going for speed.

Builds Critical Skills

T benefits of cup stacking are numerous. First and foremost, students will improve their dexterity, coordination, and concentration as they sequence cups quickly and in varying patterns. Heavy focus on accuracy and speed keeps students zeroed-in on the task in front of them, keeping them on task and engaged.

Bilateral proficiency and ambidextrous abilities are also improved. Students will need to engage both sides of the brain and their bodies to stack cups precisely. While their brain is thinking 2-3 steps ahead, both hands are getting to work to sequence cups. The better these two abilities, the quicker the stacking!

Convenient Quantities

Choose from sets of 12 or 48 cups, based on the sequences you’ll be stacking or the number of players involved. Sets of 12 allow a single student to practice 3-3-3, 3-6-3, and cycle stacking sequences, or up to 3 players practicing a single stack of 3. Sets of 48 accommodate 4 students as they stack 3-3-3, 3-6-3, and cycle sequences, or an entire class just learning the basics.

Jumbo QuickCups™ Sportscup Set Options

Jumbo QuickCups™ Sportscup Sets are available in sets.

  • Set of 12
  • Set of 48
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