Mikasa® Playground Handball

Specifically designed for playground handball or "wallball".


Bring a tough introductory rubber handball to your playground. A premium rubber cover makes this tough ball perfect for regular indoor or outdoor use.

Versatile Use

While this Mikasa® handball is designed for handball, it can also be used for wall ball and other similar games. Wall ball is a game in which players take turns bouncing the ball off the ground and the wall. Play continues until the ball goes out of bounds, until the ball bounces twice before it is returned, or until the ball is not allowed to bounce – a similar game to racquetball.

Larger Size

The latex-free, oversized handball measures 8.5” in diameter, which makes it larger than our other handball options. This larger size makes it an ideal introductory handball option for beginners, who might be otherwise intimidated or challenged by smaller balls that are more difficult to catch. It features a textured cover, allowing for better grip and control during play.

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