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Whether you’re learning how to play dodgeball or already a seasoned pro, Gopher has the perfect ball for your dodgeball games!

Gopher offers both rubber dodgeballs and coated or uncoated foam balls in a variety of colors and sizes. Soft foam balls are perfect for beginners and a great dodgeball for kids. More advanced dodgeball players will enjoy playing with the official National Dodgeball League Dodgeballs. Screamin' and Rainbow® colors make organizing students into teams simple and fun while size options (ranging from 2.5” and 10”) allow for endless game options.  

Enhance your PE program with fun dodgeball variations! Gopher’s ACTION!™ game sets combine classic P.E. games into new class favorites. Looking for even more fun? Create the ultimate dodgeball experience with glow in the dark dodgeballs!

Encourage a positive team spirit by personalizing your dodgeballs with your school’s logo or team name.  Whether you’re having a dodgeball tournament, teaching a lesson, or playing a game, create the most “well-rounded” experience for every player.

Was dodgeball banned in your school? Gopher’s “NO Dodgeball” balls offer the benefits and durability of our coated foam balls while reminding students that they’re not meant for a dodge ball game.

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