SoftScore™ Coated-Foam Balls

Soft sport balls feature unmatched quality and durability.


Bring excitement to your classroom and Physical Education class with bright, fun Rainbow® and Screamin’ colors! These low-density soccer balls and footballs have a softer, lower bounce for non-intimidating play. Kids will love being able to choose from a selection of radiant, fun colors that match their personality and add some extra excitement to any game.

Bright Color Options

Bright Screamin’ and Rainbow® colors make tracking the ball easier than ever, and also makes it easy for teachers to organize drills and classes. With Rainbow® colors, split students up into 6 groups to have them work on any of the major skills associated with football or soccer, such as passing, goalkeeping, catching and more.

Instructors will even be able to switch up traditional games! Throw an extra Screamin’-colored soccer ball into gameplay, and have it be worth extra points. You might also say a certain color of football requires you to hit a certain color of target in throwing games.

Friendly Foam

Encourage all users to participate in soccer and football activities with a ball that features a sting-reduction foam design. Now younger users can pass, catch, and kick with success and without the fear of being stung! The low density nature of these balls makes them great for use in smaller areas, while their reduced weight makes it easier for beginners to practice their technique without developing poor habits.

A premium cover keeps the ball’s shape intact and properly performing for years of use. Molded football throwing laces and soccer ball panels in the foam simulate the real feeling of traditional balls.

SoftScore™ Coated-Foam Ball Options

SoftScore™ Coated-Foam Balls are available in sets of 6, in 2 sizes for soccer balls and 1 size for footballs.

  • Soccer Balls
    • Color
      • Screamin’ Rainbow®
    • Sizes
      • Size 4
      • Size 5
  • Footballs Size
    • Colors
      • Screamin’ Rainbow®
      • Screamin’ Orange®
      • Screamin’ Yellow®
      • Screamin’ Green®
    • Sizes
      • Size 3
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