SoftScore™ Plus Coated-Foam Balls

Our SoftScore™ Plus balls use higher-density foam for faster, more lively play!


Add a splash of fun, bright color to your next football or soccer game during Physical Education classes or recess! Kids will love the many color options when choosing from with these balls. At a higher density than our regular SoftScore™ balls, these balls have more bounce and a longer flight. Their pick-proof coating is moisture resistant and does not fade, crack, or peel over time, so you never have to worry about their colors dulling!

Bright Colors

Screamin’ and Rainbow® colors make these balls brighter and more exciting than other balls on the market. Kids love being able to choose their favorite color for recess or PE play!

Teachers will also appreciate how easy it becomes to organize classes thanks to these many different colors. For example, you could put students into teams or groups based on the color of ball they’re assigned. You could also make certain colors of balls worth certain points, switching up the standard games each ball is typically used for. Simply put, more colors means more options!

Progress Skills

The high-density design of these balls allows them to be a great progression from the SoftScore. Students will still have a safe foam ball, but with more realistic action. Instructors will be able to introduce more skilled drills that keep the class learning and growing. However, the balls’ reduced weight still allows them to more easily learn proper technique.

The balls’ premium coating keeps the elements away so they retain their shape and true play for longer periods of time. Molded laces and soccer ball panels simulate the play and feel of traditional balls.

SoftScore™ Plus Coated-Foam Ball Options

SoftScore™ Plus Coated-Foam Balls are available in sets of 6, in 2 sizes for soccer balls and 1 size for footballs.

  • Soccer Balls
    • Colors
      • Screamin’ Rainbow®
      • Screamin’ Yellow®
    • Sizes
      • Size 4
      • Size 5
  • Footballs
    • Colors
      • Screamin’ Rainbow®
    • Size
    • Size 3
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