Gopher DuraCoat Foam Dodgeballs

The strongest, most durable foam dodgeball on the market!


We took our world famous foam dodgeballs and made the coating even stronger for enhanced durability and longevity! Whether you need a great all-around foam dodgeball for students or a rough-and-tough ball to withstand the abuse of an adult recreational dodgeball league, DuraCoat™ Dodgeballs are your best option!

Thicker Cover

The proprietary coating on DuraCoat dodgeballs focuses on toughness and durability. Each ball features 33% more coating, creating a thicker cover that’s 50% stronger than even the best foam dodgeballs others offer meaning the ball will continue to perform throw after throw after throw. You also have less worries about users picking at the cover since the thicker coating makes this ball extra resilient to picking and peeling of the skin. The moisture-resistant cover also helps protect the foam from water, ensuring the ball isn’t damaged from rain, morning dew or if an errant throw should happen to find a nearby puddle on the playground.

Unbeatable Grip

DuraCoat’s™ cover is tacky and textured, creating a unique, enhanced grip. Despite the thicker cover, the coating is extremely flexible and maintains the soft, squeezable feel that any foam dodgeball should have. The combination of tact, texture, and flexibility creates superior performance and increases user success by making the DuraCoat easy to grip when throwing while the soft foam and flexible cover aid in catching.

Superior Construction

Don’t be fooled by lesser quality options, DuraCoat™ Dodgeballs feature top-quality European materials and precise construction. The special coating is a proprietary formula that’s the best in the world - unmatched by any other ball. The premium foam is of the highest quality. Each ball is perfectly shaped using a patented technology, ensuring even distribution of weight and a perfectly balanced ball that flies and rolls true, time after time.

Designed for All Ages

DuraCoat™ Dodgeballs are extremely versatile and a great option for any age! The fun, bright color choices provide young students with opportunities to enhance tracking and eye coordination while also adding game variations or class organization opportunities. The 3 different sizes (6.3”, 7”, or 8.25”) accommodate users of all sizes and abilities and are great for a wide range of games and activities. DuraCoat™ Dodgeballs are available in sets of 6. Choose from Rainbow® sets, Screamin’ Rainbow sets, Red or Blue.

Size Options

  • 6.3” dia
  • 7” dia
  • 8.25” dia

Color Options

  • Rainbow®
  • Screamin’ Rainbow®
  • Red
  • Blue
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