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Gopher D-Lite™ Sport Balls

D-Lite™ Balls in fun versions for your favorite sports!

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Much lighter than a standard cage ball, the D-Lite™ Sport features a sporty new design and can be used by students of all ages for a variety of indoor or outdoor activities. Washable and waterproof nylon fabric cover surrounds a large latex balloon bladder with a large mouth for quick inflation and deflation. 


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I used the Gopher D-Lite Balls for our camp, and I was very impressed. We played football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball with them. They are a great way to modify any game. I was concerned about the bladders, but only had one out of four fail. We played soccer with one all week of camp and never had a problem. They are durable. They are also light compared to cage balls which helps reduce the risk of injuries during games. Windy days do become a factor with being so light. Overall they are a good, safe product; able to with stand normal abuse.
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Sport Tips

Which oversized activity ball is right for me?

Beach Balls
Beach Balls

Construction: Vinyl cover; bladderless

Weight/Size: 10 oz / 30-1/2" dia

Application: Reduced flight makes them perfect for teaching early skills; not for heavy striking or kicking.

D-Lite™ Balls
D-Lite™ Balls

Construction: Nylon cover; latex balloon bladder

Weight/Size:  1 lb 12 oz / 36" dia

Application: Lightweight yet perfect for heavy-duty use, including striking and kicking.


Construction: Nylon cover; latex bladder

Weight/Size: 1 lb 10 oz / 36" dia

Application: Lightweight yet tough enough to be striked or kicked.

GoBig™ Balls
GoBig™ Balls

Construction: Polyester cover; roto-molded vinyl bladder

Weight/Size: 6 lb / 40" dia

Application: Heavy-duty balls withstand tough use, indoors or out

Cage Balls
Cage Balls

Construction:  Nylon cover; roto-molded vinyl bladder

Weight/Size: 4 lb 8 oz / 36" dia

Application: Heavy-duty balls for heavy-duty play; available in a variety of sizes.

UltraPlay™ Cage Balls
UltraPlay™ Cage Balls

Construction: Heavyweight nylon cover; double-welded vinyl bladder

Weight/Size: 10 lb 11 oz / 40" dia

Application: Heaviest, most durable we offer! Use indoors or out

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