Premium Rainbow® Coated-Foam Ball Pack

Our largest, most complete coated-foam ball pack provides the perfect ball for any activity!


Get 60 balls in a variety of densities and sizes. Includes 6 ea SuperBounce™ (3.5" dia and 7" dia), SuperSofti™ (5" dia and 8.25" dia), SoftBall™ (5" dia and 8.25" dia), Dodgeball (6.3" dia), PlayBall™ (6.3" dia), DuraCoat™ Dodgeball (7" dia), and DuraCoat™ Playball (7" dia) Balls, and 2 VersaBag™ mesh bags. Additional details about each product in this pack are listed below.

Gopher SuperBounce™ (Set of 6)

Our firmest coated-foam ball has the most bounce! These high-density, moisture-resistant foam balls are 50% heavier than traditional foam balls, making them perfect for dribbling, bouncing, and kicking activities. Premium coating resists peeling, cracking, and moisture. Smaller sizes (2.75", 3.5" dia) are ideal for paddle games, baseball, softball, tennis, floor hockey, and more.

Gopher SuperSofti™ (Set of 6)

Our softest ball has the lowest bounce height and is perfect for younger students. Incredibly soft, low-density foam ball is designed for lower-level skill development. Great for tossing, catching, and rolling activities geared toward beginners or younger students. Premium coating won't peel, crack, or absorb moisture.

Gopher SoftiBall™ (Set of 6)

Soft ball with low bounce height, great for any activity! Squeezably soft, low-density foam makes these balls ideal for any tossing, catching, and rolling activities. Premium coating resists peeling, cracking, and moisture.

Gopher Coated-Foam Dodgeballs (Set of 6)

Extra-soft and player-friendly coated-foam balls with a low bounce factor. Slower in flight and easily gripped, these versatile foam balls are perfect for throwing at targets (bowling pins, cones) or any activity in which a ball might contact a student. Tough outer coating is moisture resistant and won't peel or crack, even with heavy indoor or outdoor use.

DuraCoat™ Dodgeballs (Set of 6)

The strongest, most durable coated-foam ball on the market! We took our world-famous coated-foam dodgeballs and made them even stronger and more durable! Special formula has 33% more coating than other balls which makes it 50% stronger, for a long-lasting, pick-proof ball.

DuraCoat™ Playballs (Set of 6)

Incredibly durable coating with a livelier bounce that's great for any activity! Firm medium-bounce for more versatility. 33% more coating makes these balls pick-proof and 50% stronger than other balls. Available in three sizes.

VersaBag™ Mesh Bags (2 ea)

Tough, top-quality mesh bag has small-gauge mesh to safely carry equipment. Durable polyester bag is ideal for carrying and identifying practice balls or other equipment. Cord closure with convenient slide lock. XX-Large holds 23 volleyballs or 16 basketballs.

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