Detonate™ Dual Overspeed Trainer

Maximize stride length and frequency in experienced athletes using  dual man overspeed assistance!


Maximize stride length and frequency in experienced athletes using  dual man overspeed assistance!

Push Your Training

Overspeed training is an advanced modality that allows experienced athletes to move at speeds faster than they’re used to, as a way to push training to new heights. Detonate™ Dual Overspeed Trainers, with the help of a tandem partner, allow athletes to quicken their pace by as much as 8-13 percent!

Training at this faster speed taps into athletes' existing muscular motor units, and recruits new motor units within the same muscle, teaching these muscles to work together quicker and more efficiently. After overspeed training, when running unassisted, the athlete's muscles perform at the higher, more efficient speed.

Though they’re simple enough for any student to use, these trainers are meant for advanced athletes who have a sound foundation in agility, endurance, and cooperative training. Because of the intensity of overspeed training, athletes should do so only when their muscular and nervous systems are fresh, rested, and ready for a challenge.

How it Works

Working in partners, both athletes wear a heavy-duty nylon belt and are connected by a 20'L sheathed latex resistance tube (max stretch is 60'L). The front athlete moves forward until there is tension on the tube, and then begins to run, "pulling" the back athlete. The back athlete starts to sprint, eventually passing the front athlete as the force of the tubing propels her/him forward.

The greater the resistance of the tube, and the more tension on the tube at the start of the movement, the faster the athlete in back will have to sprint. Athletes should progress to stronger resistance tubes and tighter tension over time as their bodies adapt to the overspeed training.

Both belts feature swiveling D-Ring attachments for nearly 360 degrees of motion, allowing for quick and smooth directional change.The resistance tube has a carabiner on each end that connects to the swiveling D-Rings for quick and easy setup.

A secondary result of overspeed training is slight resistance training for the front athlete, the one doing the pulling. The resistance engages more leg and core muscles as compared to normal running, making them stronger.

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