Detonate™ SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) Pro Pack™

Professional instruction and all the equipment needed to achieve explosive results!


DVD gives in-depth instruction for everything included. Pro Pack includes:

  • Set of 6 Adjustable-Height Hurdles
  • 1 ea Detonate™ Viper Belt (Large, Fits waists 32"-36")
  • 1 ea Agility Ladder
  • 1 ea Detonate™Speed Chute
  • Set Reaction Belts (includes 2 belts, 3 leashes)
  • 1 ea UltraFit™ Lateral Toner (Light Resistance)
  • 1 ea Speed-Shoe Irons™ (includes 1½ lb weights per foot)
  • 1 ea SpeedSac™ Saf-Sled™ (w/ 20 lb Saf-W8™ weight bag) 
  • Set of 36 Half-Cones (Orange)
  • 1 ea SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) DVD
  • 1 ea Pro-Tuff™ Mobile Bin (38"L x 23"W x 20 ½"H; 33 lb)

Additional details about each item are listed below.

Detonate™ Speed Chutes (1 ea)

Maximize speed and acceleration through resisted-run training. Easy-open chute provides instant resistance, while adjustable quick-release buckle facilitates overspeed training and rotates 360 degrees for resistance in any direction. Hook up multiple chutes with this tangle-free design. Includes storage bag and six-week training plan.

UltraFit™ ProTex™ Junior Resistance Tubing (1 ea)

All the benefits of our standard ProTex™ sheathed tubing, but in a shorter length for smaller range-of-motion exercises. Ballistic nylon sheathing provides not only safety but comfort, since these exercises often involve the tubing coming in contact with body. The preferred choice for upper-body exercises and smaller users. Durable rotational PVC handles. Color-coded and labeled resistance levels for easy identification. 36"L.

UltraFit™ 2-in-1 Training Hurdles (Set of 6)

Adjustable hurdles give you two training heights in one space-saving design.A simple rotation of the durable PVC legs adjusts height from 6"H to 12"H, adding versatility without adding equipment! Durable PVC hurdles improve bounding strength, knee-lift height, and agility skills. Fold flat for storage.

SpeedSac™ Saf-Sled™ (2 ea)

Safest, most versatile speed sled on the market is a great speed trainer for athletes of any age. Saf-Sled™ is encased in a soft, synthetic rubber-like material with rounded edges, so it's safe for all ages. Use outdoors in any condition (won't rust or corrode) or indoors, even on gym floors. Saf-W8™ weight bags are filled with sand-like material and have handles for quick removal; add up to three 10 lb bags to each sled.

Speed-Wear™ (1 ea)

Built for you to feel the weight, not the gear during the most intense workouts! Designed for longer, more sustained training with ultra-thin, breathable design. Heavy, removable FlexMetal™ weights (1 ½ lb each), patented closures, and tight pockets for unhindered movement. Available individually or in a pack of 8 Short Vests with a heavy-duty, mobile steel rack and vinyl rack cover. Fully assembled.

ProTuff™ Half-Cones (Set of 36)

A whopping 50% thicker than most half-cones for pro-quality toughness and maximum durability! Flexible, stackable polyethylene cones withstand heavy use, won't crack, tear, or lose their shape. Choose versatile 2 ½"H x 8" dia size or big, easy-to-see 5"H x 12" dia cones for extra visibility on the field or in the gym. Orange.

Screamin' Orange® Agility Ladders (1 ea)

Vibrant color gives you the visibility you need indoors and out! Dramatically improve speed, coordination, balance, and conditioning. Heavy-duty ladders feature tough polyethylene webbing and either traditional flat plastic rungs or nearly indestructible new round PVC rungs for cleat-resistant outdoor use. Connect multiple ladders end-to-end with locking end clips. Instructions and storage bag included.

Pro-Tuff™ Wheeled Storage Bins (1 ea)

Rugged, full-featured wheeled bins conveniently haul and store equipment over rough and smooth terrain. Small Lockable Storage Bin features large heavy-duty wheels, telescoping handle, partitioned lid with a cup holder, removable equipment tray, and push-button lock with key. Large Storage Bin has a folding pull handle on one end and heavy-duty wheels on the other. Both come fully assembled. 38"L x 23"W x 20 ½"H; 33 lb.

Reaction Belts 1 ea)

Partners connected with a breakaway belt compete to outmaneuver the other, developing speed, reaction, and competition. If the pursuing athlete is outmaneuvered, the Velcro® connection on the leash separates. Includes two belts with 360-degree Saturn rings and three leashes (10'L, 7'L, 4'L) that require progressively faster reaction time as they get shorter. Belts fit up to 42" waists.

UltraFit™ ProTex™ Lateral Toner (1 ea)

Trains proper functional body position while developing muscles responsible for lateral speed. Neoprene cuffs with beefed-up commercial-grade Velcro® closures provide a safe, biomechanically correct and comfortable fit. Latex tubing is 10"L between cuffs for multidirectional movement. Great for stretching and Pilates, in addition to strength and speed training. Color-coded and labeled resistance levels for easy identification.

Detonate™ Viper Belt (1 ea)

The premium speed-belt system that lets you spin and sprint in nearly any direction! Rotating ring allows nearly 360º direction changes, moving athletes quickly between assistance and resistance. Durable 8'L latex tubing (20' max stretch) with sheathing and handle. Large, fits waists 32”-36”.

Speed, Agility, and Quickness DVD (1 ea)

Complete instruction for developing explosive movement in everyone from beginners to elite athletes!

Why incorporate training hurdles into my training program?
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