Our standard DuraHoop™ exceeds others' standard hoops with long-lasting, durable performance!


Featuring a 2.3 mm thick wall with fused, staple-free ends, this is a hoop that is safer and more durable than other similar hoops on the market. Its rigid design makes it kink-proof, even when stepped on.

Safe for Use

Traditional sets of hula hoops are constructed by extrusion molding, with the ends of the hoops being fitted with a plastic dowel or insert. That insert is typically stapled into place to attach the ends, and the staples are covered with labels. Over time, however, the label can wear off and the staples can come loose, which creates dangerous sharp points.

With DuraHoop™, the hoops are fused together, which means no staples are necessary. Therefore, there is much less of a risk of the hoops coming apart and students getting injured when using these.   

Thick and Sturdy

While these hoops are slightly thinner than some of our other offerings, it still has a 2.3 mm thickness which makes it thicker and more durable than competitors. This thickness makes the hoop kink-proof and able to hold up to long-term institutional play, even if it gets stepped on or otherwise damaged!

Their durability also makes these hoops great for activities where they will be thrown. For example, they could be used as rings to try to toss around cones. Their lighter weight makes them great for younger students to toss.

Several Sizes Available

The size you choose depends on the age of your students and the activities you will be using the hoops for. Smaller hoops are especially appropriate for younger students or to make smaller targets or goals, whereas larger hoops are better for older and larger students and for making bigger goals that are easier to hit.

DuraHoop™ Hoop Options

DuraHoop™ Hoops are available in Rainbow® Sets of 12 in 3 sizes:

  • 24”
  • 30”
  • 36”


Sport Tips

Which hoop is right for me?

Differences in the plastic tubing used to make the hoop cause differences in the hoop's durability. The thicker the wall of tubing, the stronger and more resistant to kinking and deformation the hoop will be.

Choose the right hoop for you! Our DuraHoop™ family includes 5 unique and durable hoops. To determine which hoop is the right for you, refer to the information provided on individual wall thickness and construction.


Skinny No-Kink® Hoop
Skinny No-Kink® Hoop
  • 1.7 mm wall thickness
  • 10.5 mm tubing dia
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