Gopher Ultimate Tinikling Set

Poles won't bow in the middle!


Tinikling is a traditional folk dance from the Phillippines that is performed by jumping over poles while dancing to music. Two connecting sections are used instead of three to avoid bowing. Sturdy ABS-plastic jump poles and slide boards feature soft vinyl end caps for safety and nonslip anchoring. For 2-3 students. Assembles in seconds. Set includes four 48"L (1.2 m) pole sections and two 28"L (71 cm) slide boards. Christy Lane's Tinikling Today in the USA DVD with music CD and printable guide sold separately. Additional details about the DVD/CD/Guide are listed below.

Christy Lane's Tinikling Today in the USA DVD/CD/Guide

Get all the instruction and activity you need to teach Tinikling in one convenient set! DVD features basic techniques and activities, along with three routines. 45 minutes. 2006. CD includes three practice drum rhythms, seven songs with drum accents, and a guide.

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