Mark Rothstein Jump Rope Packs

A comprehensive jumping unit for more than 30 beginning to advanced jumpers.


A dynamic, 90-minute DVD hosted by expert Mark Rothstein demonstrates 60 single-rope skills, double-dutch and traveler jumping. It also features 10 non-jumping skills. The DVD features a world champion jump rope team performing world-class routines to show students of all ages how to properly perform these moves.

Expert Instruction

Jump at the chance to learn moves from a respected expert. Mark Rothstein graduated with an education degree and now he travels to schools around the world to teach the benefits of jumping rope. Widely respected by his peers, Rothstein is also a member of the National Fitness Hall of Fame. He earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records when he continuously jumped rope for a whopping 22 hours, 10 minutes, and 1 second.

Specific Lessons

This extensive pack features specialized instruction and includes enough jump ropes for the entire class. Our only jump rope instruction DVD will motivate and excite students as they learn various skills and how to properly perform them.

Excellent Equipment

With two sets of ropes to choose from, you are bond to find the perfect pack for your students. The segmented jump ropes feature durable 7/16” dia plastic segments over a solid braided-nylon cord to create a longer-lasting, slower-turning rope. Plastic 4”L handles gives students a good grip and turn easily. Our standard speed ropes are made with a high-speed PVC rope that great for general use or for jumping teams. The smooth turning ¼” dia rope is favored by speed jumpers, and young jumpers love the bright colors. Strong 5”L molded-plastic handles won’t break if stepped on.

Mark Rothstein Jump Rope Packs Options

Mark Rothstein Jump Rope Packs are available in packs with your choice of ropes.

  • Jump Rope Choices 
    • Segmented Ropes
    • Speed Ropes
  • Each pack includes:
    • Jump Ropes , Set of 36 (6 ea 6’L, 12 ea 7’L, 8’L, and 6 ea 9’L)
    • D-Luxe™ Double Dutch Ropes, 4 pr (2 pr 14’L and 16’L)
    • Best of Mark Rothstein’s World of Rope Jumping DVD, 1 ea
Which jump rope length is right for me?
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