Deluxe Recess Pack with Cart

Our top-of-the-line products, with our best cart to store it all!


Pack includes everything shown with a durable steel cart. Additional details about each product in this pack are listed below.

QuikSelect™ Jump Ropes (Set of 18 - 6 ea 6'L, 8'L, 16'L / 1.85 m, 2.45 m, 4.9 m)
High-speed PVC ropes and handles are color-coded to quickly identify length. Smooth-turning %frac14;" dia (1 cm) ropes are easy for beginners and a favorite of more advanced jumpers. Durable 5"L (13 cm) molded-plastic handles. Color designates rope length - 6'L (1.85 m) is Green, 8'L (2.45 m) is Yellow, 16'L (4.9 m) is Purple.

Rainbow® DuraHoop™ Plus 30" dia Hoops (Set of 12)
The thickest hoop on the market will never kink and lasts for years! A thicker yet flexible 3 mm wall prevents this hoop from kinking, unlike other hoops that fail when bent or stepped on. Fused design is safer than standard, stapled hoops.

Rainbow® Gopher Coated-Foam Dodgeballs, 8.25" dia (Set of 12)
Extra-soft and player-friendly coated-foam balls with a low bounce factor. Slower in flight and easily gripped, these versatile foam balls are perfect for throwing at targets (bowling pins, cones) or any activity in which a ball might contact a student. Tough outer coating won't peel or crack. 

Rainbow® Utility Balls(Set of 6)

The ultimate utility ball with the best, easy-grip cover and unrivaled durability! Utility balls are expected to be tough, to stand up to kicking and throwing, but now we've made our rubber cover softer and tackier for easier catching and unintimidating contact. Firm Ultra-Wound™ nylon/polyester windings mean better play, truer bounce, and longer life. Butyl bladder with no-leak inflation valve. 8.5" dia (21 cm).

Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Basketballs (Set of 6)
Our best rubber ball combines the durability of rubber with an even softer touch, deeper channels, and a tackier feel! Handles like a composite ball but is made with an exclusive rubber that provides a soft and tacky feel. Features deep channels. Butyl bladder with no-leak inflation valve. Size 5.

Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Footballs (Set of 6)
Unrivaled durability with a softer surface! Exclusive soft-touch composite rubber with Ultra-Wound™ nylon winding for shape-retention. Size 3.

Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Soccer Balls (Set of 6)
Our best molded-rubber soccer balls. Our exclusive soft-touch rubber is specially formulated to feel softer and friendlier than other molded-rubber balls. The butyl bladder and no-leak inflation valve means they hold air better. Size 4.

UltraPlay™ Tetherballs (2 ea)
Combines a new, even more cushioned level of friendly softness with durability. An all-new, all-weather foam-rubber yellow cover, no-leak valve, and premium nylon windings help it perform season after season. Includes 8'L (2.45 m) nylon rope.

Rainbow® Vinyl Spots (Set of 12)
Guaranteed not to tear. Rugged vinyl spots are heavy enough to stay put, indoors or out. They're great for beanbag targets, stepping stones, or bases for color-coded games. Perfect for locations where a cone can't be used. 12" dia (31 cm).

Rainbow® Vinyl Cones, 12"H (Set of 12)
The brightest, best-looking, most durable colored cones you can get! Our cones are thicker and more uniform than others, and they have no drips, sags, or "overspray" like that found on inferior cones. Flexible vinyl cones safely deform on impact and quickly spring back to shape without ripping. They stay upright in hot sun and strong winds, too. Vibrant Rainbow® colors are great for identifying lanes, paths, boundaries, or teams. Sets of 6 include 1 of each Rainbow® color. 12"H (31 cm).

Recess Rack w/ Basket (1 ea)

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