Gopher Rubber Playground Ball Packs

Take recess to a whole new level with these complete rubber ball packs!


Rubber basketballs, utility balls, tetherballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs, plus 4 XXL VersaBag™ mesh bags. Includes everything shown, in appropriate sizes for Lower- or Upper-Elementary grades. Additional details about each ball and the storage bag included in this pack are listed below.

Rainbow® Performer™ Basketballs (12 ea)
Our high-quality Performer™ basketballs outperform all other introductory rubber balls. Medium-width channels and enhanced pebbling for even better performance! Extra-vibrant colors. Butyl bladder.

Rainbow® Utility Balls (12 ea)
Superior shape-retention and toughness in a rugged utility ball. Rugged, three-ply construction of these Utility Balls lasts longer than standard playground balls, so you'll buy replacements less frequently. Tough enough for kicking and heavy playground use. Much harder than standard playground balls, but not to be used for contact sports.

Gopher Tetherballs (6 ea)
A top-notch, entry-level institutional ball. Weather-resistant, natural rubber cover with nylon windings for long-lasting performance. Recessed rope holder. Includes 8'L (2.45 m) nylon rope.

Rainbow® Performer™ Footballs (6 ea)
Durable rubber footballs at a great price. Deep pebbling and molded, raised laces for a proper grip and controlled passing. Half-stripe. Butyl bladder. Standard inflation valve.

Rainbow® Performer™ Volleyballs (6 ea)
Great introductory rubber balls feature a cushioning layer for comfort. Durable, high-quality, all-weather rubber ball with a soft touch. Nylon-wound for excellent shape-retention. Two-ply butyl bladder for superior air-retention. Official size and weight.

Rainbow® Performer™ Rubber Soccer Balls (6 ea)
Durable molded-rubber cover stands up to play on any surface, even blacktop! Our tough, institutional-quality construction is great for any surface. Butyl bladder for great air-retention.

VersaBag™ Mesh Bags (4 ea)
Tough, top-quality mesh bags have small-gauge mesh to safely carry equipment of all sizes. Durable polyester bags are ideal for carrying and identifying practice balls or other equipment. Cord closure with convenient slide lock. XX-Large holds 23 volleyballs or 16 basketballs.


Ball Inflation Needles

  • Item No: 66-622
  • Unit: Set of 25
  • In Stock
  • Price: $8.95

Compact Inflator

  • Item No: 66-620
  • Unit: Ea
  • In Stock
  • Price: $105.00


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