Un-Manila Tug-of-War Ropes

Strong, lightweight ropes with a great grip.

The synthetic design of these ropes makes them lightweight and extremely durable. They maintain strength through every field day activity, even if they get wet. Three lengths are available to accommodate all class sizes and ages.

Un-manila is a synthetic alternative to manila that’s substantially more lightweight, yet just as durable. Younger students will appreciate the welcoming feel and forgiving weight of this material as they bear down and pull with all their might. The distinct advantage of un-manila is its ability to withstand moisture without shrinking or decomposing.

Available in a 1” dia size, younger ages will be able to easily wrap their hands around the rope for the best grip and focused exertion. As they pull with their arms and shoulders, and push with their legs and hips, students will get a great workout without the fear of rope burn or stinging from splintered materials.

Three rope lengths—50’, 75’, and 100’L—provide accommodations for classes of all sizes, the longer the rope, the more students involved!

Un-manila Tug-of-War Rope Options
Un-manila Tug-of-War Ropes are available in 3 lengths.

  • 50”L
  • 75”L
  • 100”L


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