ClassPlus™ Inline Skating Packs

Roll out the fun with the cardio workout that gets your entire class on its feet!


Teach your class the basics of inline skating and they'll be skating circles around you in no time! Custom-designed Packs include enough equipment for up to 24 students and feature high quality skates, protective gear, and mobile storage for a total class solution. Additional details about items in these packs are listed below. Truck delivery.

All ClassPlus™ Packs Include:

K2 Inline Skates (24 pairs)
Top-of-the-line skates from the leaders in inline skating! Feature a TEC composite frame to absorb vibration, ABEC bearings for the smoothest ride, and the K2 Softboot™ liner for superior comfort. Packs include a variety of skate sizes to best suit your classroom's needs.

Protective Gear (24 sets)
Includes elbow pads, wrist guards, and kneepads in age-appropriate sizes. Pads offer full-flex movement and feature durable nylon straps with long-lasting Velcro® closures.

Helmets (24 ea)
One size fits all! Adjustable helmet provides full protection.

Locking Storage Cabinet (1 ea)
Durable powder-coated steel cabinet transports, stores, and secures all skates, padding, and helmets! Cart features high-density wheels for easy mobility and double doors that open from both sides for easy access. Fully assembled. 49½"L x 31"W x 44"H; 490 lb (1.25 m x 79 cm x 1.12 m; 222.25 kg).


Elementary ClassPlus™ Pack Sizes:

Skate Sizes: 24 pair adjustable Size 4-8

Protective Gear Sizes: 24 Small


Junior High ClassPlus™ Pack Sizes:

Skate Sizes: 

  • 3 pair adjustable Size 4-8
  • 3 pair Size 8
  • 7 pair Size 9
  • 7 pair Size 10
  • 2 pair Size 11
  • 1 pair Size 12
  • 1 pair Size 13

Protective Gear Sizes:

  • 3 Small
  • 18 Medium
  • 3 Large


Senior High ClassPlus™ Pack Sizes:

Skate Sizes:

  • 2 pair adjustable Size 4-8
  • 2 pair Size 8
  • 8 pair Size 9
  • 8 pair Size 10
  • 2 pair Size 11
  • 1 pair Size 12
  • 1 pair Size 13

Protective Gear Sizes:

  • 2 Small
  • 19 Medium
  • 3 Large


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