ACTION!™ Drag'N Tails™

Be quick, cunning, and keep on running to score goals and hold on to your Drag’N tail!


Your PE class is sure to love this fun flag game. Each player has a 60”L tail – a vinyl flag attached by Velcro® to the customized Drag'N Tails™ belt featuring a slide-and-click buckle. Players work together to advance the ball into the other team’s territory to score on the custom stand-up goals. While in the opponents’ zone, players dodge the stomps of the defensive team as they attempt to detach intruders’ tails. If the player in possession of the ball has his or her tail removed, it’s a turnover and the defense takes possession. The first team to score 10 goals, or score the most goals in the allotted time, wins. Students will learn team building skills while staying acitve. 

Complete Set includes 24 Drag’N Tails™ Belts (12 Yellow/12 Green tails), 2 goals, 2 coated-foam balls, 2 pinnies (1 Yellow/1 Green), a VersaBag™ mesh storage bag, and activity instructions. Medium sized (26"-38") belts (12 Yellow/12 Green tails) also sold separately.

No More Draggin’ with Drag’N Tails!

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