Heavyrope® Jump Ropes

The original  weighted, patented heavy rope jump rope.


Add a muscle-building, anaerobic component to any rope-jumping workout with these heavy, sand-filled 8'L ropes.

Weighted for Performance

These weighted ropes add a strength component to kick the cardio component of basic rope jumping up a notch, or 5! The extra resistance also helps tone and build muscles in the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, forearms, wrists, and core. Students have to exert more energy to turn the rope -- this, combined with jumping makes it an intense cardio workout, ramping up calorie burn, and increasing leg strength.

Using a weighted rope also enhances coordination, agility, footwork, quickness, and endurance.

For the Serious Jumper

Heavyrope® weighted jump ropes are much harder to use than a traditional jump rope, making them ideal for use with more advanced jumpers and serious athletes who want to take training to the next level.

Made of non-marring rubber that won't scuff or mark floors. The 5"L handles are made of the same soft rubber, providing a comfortable grip that's easy on hands. Use indoors for better rope longevity.

Even weight distribution throughout the entire rope and handle prevents awkward weight shifting, providing consistency for optimal jumping form.

Four weight options offer scalable challenges, options for different workouts, and allow for progression. Handle color denotes rope weight.

Custom Workout Guide

An included workout guide designed specifically for Heavyrope® Jump Ropes leads athletes through a variety of workouts and exercises. Outlines both in-season and off-season Heavyrope® training regimens.

Ropes accommodate users up to 6'5".

Heavyrope® Jump Ropes Options

Heavyrope® Jump Ropes are available in 4 weights.

  • 1 lb, 3/8" dia, White
  • 2 lb, 1/2” dia, Black
  • 4 lb, 3/4" dia, Red
  • 5 lb, 7/8" dia, Green
Which jump rope length is right for me? Which jump rope material is right for me?


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