MaxTurn™ TPR Jump Rope

Maximize your jumping with a high-quality, comfortable ball bearing jump rope!


From the handles to the rope itself, ball bearing jump ropes are designed to make turning easier and jumping second nature, offering great grip and clean rotation. 3 rope lengths are designated by different colors, helping students recognize the ideal piece of equipment for them. Durable rope and handle construction ensures your students will be jumping for years to come.

Smooth, Ergonomic Design

Unlike other ropes that knot off when attaching to the handle, these ball bearing jump ropes offer a molded plastic bearing that’s fused to the rope itself. While in motion, the bearing facilitates smoother rotation and easier spinning that enables students to jump without worrying about irregular rhythm. Bearings also increase swing speed to amp up the pace for seasoned jumpers.

To ensure total control at all times, a TPR-coated handle offers a tacky grip that won’t slip or slide even when palms are sweaty. Handles are formed to be ergonomic, accommodating fingers for a tighter, stronger grip. Handles measure 5 3/4”L x 1 1/4”dia.

Durable Construction

A solid 1/4” PVC construction ensures ropes will stand up to constant and consistent impact with the floor as students jump and the rope skips beneath them. Even at high speeds PVC remains reliable, making it great for all levels of user. Additional durability from the fused bearings inside the handle makes ropes optimal for institutional settings, where they’re sure to see daily use.

3 Varieties

Choose from 3 different rope lengths based on the age or proficiency level of your students. Ropes are also color coded by length for easy recognition and organization. Yellow 8’L ropes are great for smaller students and beginning jumpers; green 9’L ropes offer accommodation for the largest number of jumpers; and blue 10’L ropes are best for older students, advanced jumpers, or partner jumping exercises.

MaxTurn™ TPR Jump Rope Options

MaxTurn™ TPR Jump Ropes are available in 3 sizes.

  • 8’L, Yellow
  • 9’L, Green
  • 10’L, Blue
Which jump rope length is right for me? Which jump rope material is right for me?
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