Screamin' Orange® Speed Ropes

Comfortable, tapered handles and bright orange ropes.


Once these thicker ropes start spinning, students will have tons of fun seeing just how fast they can go! Comfortable handles and a variety of lengths ensure every student will get the hang of jump roping in a way that gives them total confidence and control. Screaming’ Orange® colors are bright and fun, and easy to see while spinning.

Durable Construction

Extruded PVC offers a seamless rope design that’s void of problem areas where cracking or breakage might occur. As the rope skips off the floor at high speeds you can have peace of mind that it’s holding up resiliently, no matter the proficiency of the jumper. Moreover, ropes are thicker than the generic jump rope: offering a 1/4” thickness versus the traditional 3/16” thickness. This durable construction keeps the startup pace slow for new jumpers and helps seasoned skippers maintain momentum better at higher speeds.

Ergonomic handles provide a supreme level of support for students and ensure they’re always in control of their ropes. They won’t slip or slide, even when palms are sweaty, and their increased thickness adds weight to the grip for stability. If dropped, handles will stand up to the hard impact of the ground, no matter the surface. Each handle measures 5-1/2”L x 1-1/2” dia.

Different Lengths

Choose from 5 different jump rope lengths to accommodate various student ages and heights. Smaller 6’L and 7’L ropes are perfect for younger beginners who may be smaller in stature and less familiar with rope jumping. Ropes measuring 8’L and 9’L are best for older students as tall as 5’10”, giving them a more accommodating length to jump with. Choose 16’L ropes for Double Dutch and partner jumping activities.

All ropes include markings on the handle to show the length at a glance. This enables students to quickly pick the right size for them and teachers to easily organize ropes within storage closets or on racks.

Vibrant Color

The extremely vivid Screamin’ Orange® color of these ropes makes them easy to spot at all times. Even mid-jump, students will be able to see the vibrant orange color as it comes down in front of them, letting them know it’s time to skip. Bright colors also help stimulate younger students, to get them excited about this great cardiovascular exercise.

Screamin’ Orange® Speed Jump Rope Options

Screamin’ Orange® Speed Jump Ropes are available in 5 lengths.

  • 6’
  • 7’
  • 8’
  • 9’
  • 16’
Which jump rope length is right for me? Which jump rope material is right for me?


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