Indoor Climbing Nets

Choose standard or heavy-duty polypropylene ropes with 12" or 9" mesh openings.


Standard Nets feature 3/4" horizontal and 1/2" vertical rope. Top of nets feature approximately 4'L lanyard for tying net onto smooth-surface ceiling hardware or framework. Heavy-Duty Nets use thicker 3/4" rope both horizontally and vertically, to easily handle multiple users without sagging. The top of each net features large, 4" dia spliced eyeloops for securely hanging nets. Use 12" sq mesh for middle school ages and up, 9" sq mesh for elementary ages.  A minimum of 5 attachments is recommended per net for both Standard and Heavy-Duty. Nets includes installation instructions, information on usage/maintenance, and activities. Indoor use only. Mats, spotting, and adult supervision required.

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