Un-Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes

Choosing the right rope is easy! Follow these steps:


Un-Manila. The look and feel of manila, with superior strength at two-thirds the weight. Rot/mildew resistent polypropylene won't splinter. 1-1/2" (4 cm) dia. 

Choosing a rope:

Step 1: Choose the knots, if any. Knot options encourage success for younger climbers.

  • No Knots. Traditional rope with no knots is a good choice for older ages, but for elementary students you may want to consider another option.
  • Rest Grip Knots. Woven and spliced into the rope at 18" (46 cm) intervals to provide a better grip when ascending the rope, rest areas when descending.
  • Beginner Knots. Large knots tied in the rope itself that form platforms every 18 inches (46 cm) for assistance.

Step 2: Choose the length. Measure floor-to-ceiling height and deduct 1 foot (1/2 m) to determine your required length.

Step 3: Choose the end style.

  • Polyboot End. Nonraveling poly "boot" is permanently attached to rope-end.
  • Turk's Head Knot End. A popular option that adds stability and comfort for the climber. Leather seat and large knot provide a sure starting point as a "platform" foot hold.

NOTE: Mats, spotting, and supervision required when climbing.

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