ClassPlus™ Educaching® Packs

Everything you need to introduce Educaching® to your class!


Lesson plans can easily be modified to coincide with your curriculum.

Basic Pack includes the Educaching® GPS Curriculum, 7 stopwatches, 8 plastic cones, 24 Team Wrist Bands, 2 Triple Cache Sets, 2 exercise card packs, 6 kickballs, 12 plastic discs, 6 home plates, and a large duffel for storage.
Deluxe Pack includes everything in the Basic Pack plus 6 Garmin eTrex10 GPS navigators. 

Additional details about each item included in this pack are listed below.

Educaching® Curriculum (1 ea)
Use GPS technology to lead students on a hunt for puzzles, experiments, math problems, physical challenges, and more! Great for elementary-middle school. Includes 20 lessons, GPS activities, a CD with customizable student field sheet templates and more.

Gopher Pacer 200™ Stopwatches (7 ea)
Includes 1 of each Rainbow® color and 1 Black.

Orange Plastic Cones (8 ea)

Rainbow® Team Wrist Bands (Set of 24)
Includes 4 pair in each Rainbow® color. 3"W (8 cm).

Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Utility Balls (Set of 6)
Includes 1 of each Rainbow® color.

Rainbow® AirRanger™ Plastic Discs (Set of 12)
Includes 2 of each Rainbow® color.

Rainbow® Home Plates (Set of 6)
Heavy-duty vinyl "throw-down" home plates. These rugged, official-size home plates provide the perfect marker for a range of team games and relays. Premium nonskid bases withstand rigorous use indoors and out. 21"L x 21"W (53 cm x 53 cm).

Garmin GPS (6 ea in Deluxe Packs)

DuraBag™ Duffels (1 ea)
Our best duffel combines Cordura® nylon and polyester mesh for superior durability and breathability. Topside mesh provides equipment ventilation and allows you to see the contents, while the Cordura® nylon bottom provides exceptional strength and durability. Features heavy-duty zippers, sturdy pivoting shoulder strap, 3 zippered compartments, and a rubber end handle. Blue, Large.

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