ClassPlus™ Skate Pass Land Paddle Packs

Make waves ashore with paddleboarding brought to land!


Land Paddling is a unique activity that gets the whole body involved and develops balance, coordination, and confidence. 43¾" Longboard features a nonslip surface for safety. Adjustable Kahuna Land Paddle (42"-72"L) is used for momentum, direction, and balance so users will be riding in minutes.

Packs include enough equipment for 12 students and feature boards, paddles, helmets, protective gear, and storage bags. Instructional DVD and teacher curriculum and lesson plans are also included. Difference in Packs is equipment size variety. Indoor/outdoor use.

ClassPlus™ Packs Include:

SkatePass® Longboards (12 ea)
Built for stability, these longboards are longer and wider (43-3/4"L x 9-1/4"W x 6-1/4"H) than skateboards and are easier to ride.

Skate Pass® Kahuna Land Paddles (12 ea)
Balance, steer, and "paddle"! Paddle adjusts from 42"-72"L and features a protective rubber shoe on the bottom for safe paddlig on all surfaces.

Skate Pass® Helmets (Elementary - 9 Small, 3 Medium; Junior/Senior High - 3 Small, 7 Medium, 2 Large)
Full front and back of head coverage. Color-coded by size for easy identification. Chin strap easily adjusts for comfortable fit.

Skate Pass® Protective Padding (Elementary - 6 Small, 6 Medium, Junior/Senior High - 3 Small, 7 Medium, 2 Large)
Knee and Elbow pads feature tough protective caps secured with rivets and backed by lightweight breathable shock absorbing foam. Ergonomic design for enhanced comfort. Wrist Guards are made of four-way stretch nylong mesh for a comfortable, secure fit. Ultra-dense, impact-resistant molded splints on the front and back cushion shock-absorbing foam.

Skate Pass® Curriculum with Instructional DVD (1 set)
Covers Proper Safety Equipment, Finding Your Riding Style, Getting on and off the Board, Sizing your Land Paddle, Proper Stance, Holding the Land Paddle, Front and Back Side Paddling, Turning and Braking, and a Skills Check Worksheet.

VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag (1 ea)
XX-Large, 45"L x 36"W


Skate Pass Longboard

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Skate Pass Kahuna Land Paddle

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