UltraFit™ EquiPro™ Medicine Ball Circuit Pack

Improve core and grip strength, coordination, and stabilization with a medicine ball circuit!


Instead of isolating only a few muscle groups, your class will get a total body workout with 16 medicine ball exercises. Our premium 18" x 18" UltraFit™ EquiPro™ Station Boards feature easy-to-follow instruction, and accompanying Teacher Overview Cards offer further guidance for set up and implementation. Station Boards/Cards also sold separately. Truck delivery on Pack.

Pack Includes:

  • Set of 4 UltraFit™ Evolution™ Medicine Balls - 10 lb
  • Set of 6 UltraFit™ Evolution™ Kompact Medicine Balls - 6 lb
  • Set of 6 UltraFit™ Evolution™ Kompact Medicine Balls - 10 lb
  • 1 Ea UltraFit™ 4-Tier Medicine Ball Rack
  • 1 Ea Gopher Ignition™ Interval Timer
  • Set of 12 SmartHolder™ Cones
  • Set of 8 double-sided UltraFit™ EquipPro™ Medicine Ball Station Boards with Teacher Overview Cards

UltraFit™ Evolution™ Medicine Balls
Premium materials and durable construction for an upgraded oversized medicine ball! The larger 14” uniform diameter is easier to throw, track, and catch for safe handling during the most intense workouts. Ultra-grippy cover features 14 raised panels that create added grip at the seams. Long-lasting seams reinforced with threads that won’t stretch or wear out. Reinforcement and higher quality filling material ensure better shape retention. No-bounce construction for added safety.

UltraFit™ Evolution™ Kompact Medicine Balls
The same premium construction of the Evolution™, in a smaller 10" dia size! Uniform 10" diameter allows for consistent performance for all users and fitness levels. Soft and grippy cover won't slip during the most vigorous partner exercises - making for safer throwing and catching. Long-lasting seams reinforced with threads that won't stretch or wear out. No bounce construction for added safety.

UltraFit™ 4-Tier Medicine Ball Rack
Heavy-duty rack with 360° rotating shelves! Made of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel for long-lasting durability and strength. Holds 22 balls and offers the ultimate convenience with 360° rotating shelves. Lock casters. 30" dia x 50"H; 54 lb.

Gopher Ignition™ Interval Timer
Simple, programmable timer with remote control. Easy-to-use remote control operates from more than 120' away. Programmable to count up or down for a set time, and provides a 10-second countdown for every workout. Includes 20/10 TABATA workout mode. 5"H LED numbers. Durable, all-metal frame. Batteries included. 21"L x 3"W x 8-1/2"H; 5 lb.

Rainbow® SmartHolder™ Cones
Display signs at an angle for easy visibility anywhere in the gym! Sturdy 9-1/4"H holders feature weighted bottoms and rubber feet for secure placement. Cones are lightweight and stackable for easy storage.

Station Boards/Teacher Overview Cards
Expert instruction materials made to last! Printed on 1/8" thick ultra-durable, reinforced plastic, our 18" x 18" Station Boards offer full-color, step-by-step instruction for 16 exercises. Each Board sits at an angle on one of our custom SmartHolder™ Cones, so students have visual reinforcement at each station and can guide themselves through the circuit. Teacher Overview Cards include the same step-by-step instruction as the Station Boards, plus offer more detailed information on circuit setup, implementation, and exercise instruction. Cards are compact (4"W x 6"L) enough to fit in a pocket, and are laminated and secured by a heavy-duty plastic grommet, ensuring they'll hold up to everyday wear and tear.

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Medicine Ball Boards/Cards Only (Set of 8)

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