UltraFit™ EquiPro™ Resistance Tubing Circuit Packs

Unleash the endless capabilities of resistance training with a self-directed, full-body fitness circuit!


Quickly set up a self-directed, circuit-style full-body strength and muscle endurance fitness circuit with 16 exercises, made specifically for PE. Features our premium 18" x 18" UltraFit™ EquiPro™ Station Boards with easy-to-follow instruction. Accompanying Teacher Overview Cards offer further guidance for set up and implementation. Pack includes 36 UltraFit™ Resistance Tubes (18 ea Light, Medium) with Cart, Gopher Ignition™ Interval Timer, 12 SmartHolder™ Cones, and 8 double-sided Station Boards with Teacher Overview Cards. Choose from 3 types of UltraFit™ resistance tubing. Station Boards/Cards also sold separately.

Packs include:

  • Set of 18 Light UltraFit™ Resistance Tubes (Choose type)
  • Set of 18 Medium UltraFit™ Resistance Tubes (Choose type)
  • 1 UltraFit™TubeMover™ Cart
  • 1 Gopher Ignition™ Interval Timer
  • Set of 12 SmartHolder™ Cones
  • Set of 8 double-sided UltraFit™ EquiPro™ Resistance Tubing Station Boards and Teacher Overview Cards

UltraFit™ Resistance Tubing with Plastic Handles
Easily bring strength and flexibility training to any age and fitness level. Perform dozens of exercises and warm-up activities with our versatile resistance tubing. Made of rubber dipped-latex with plastic handles. 48"L tubing.

UltraFit™ Resistance Tubing with Foam-Covered Handles
Soft foam over plastic handles provides a more comfortable grip. Versatile tool for upper-body, lower-body, and core conditioning. Made of rubber-dipped latex with foam-covered plastic handles. 48"L.

UltraFit™ ProTex™ Tubing
Ballistic-strength nylon sheathing makes this the toughest and safest tubing! Seat-belt grade nylon protects tubing from damage, drying out, and also stops whiplash in the unlikely event the tubing fails. Rubber dipped-latex tubing is 48"L and is available with plastic handles.

UltraFit™ TubeMover™ Cart
Store all your resistance tubing safely and conveniently. Keep your resistance tubing organized and stored on a convenient, mobile cart. Cart features heavy-duty, all-welded oval-tube steel frame. Holds up to 72 tubes and has locking casters. 31"L x 25-1/2"W x 67-3/4"H; 38 lb. Minimal assembly.

Rainbow® SmartHolder™ Cones
Display signs at an angle for easy visibility anywhere in the gym! Sturdy 9-1/4"H holders feature weighted bottoms and rubber feet for secure placement. Cones are lightweight and stackable for easy storage.

Gopher Ignition™ Interval Timer
Simple, programmable timer with remote control. Easy-to-use remote control operates from more than 120' away. Programmable to count up or down for a set time, and provides a 10-second countdown for every workout. Includes 20/10 TABATA workout mode. 5"H LED numbers. Durable, all-metal frame. Batteries included. 21"L x 3"W x 8-1/2"H; 5 lb.

Station Boards/Teacher Overview Cards
Expert instruction materials made to last! Printed on 1/8" thick ultra-durable, reinforced plastic, our 18" x 18" Station Boards offer full-color, step-by-step instruction for 16 exercises. Each Board sits at an angle on one of our custom SmartHolder™ Cones, so students have visual reinforcement at each station and can guide themselves through the circuit. Teacher Overview Cards include the same step-by-step instruction as the Station Boards, plus offer more detailed information on circuit setup, implementation, and exercise instruction. Cards are compact (4"W x 6"L) enough to fit in a pocket, and are laminated and secured by a heavy-duty plastic grommet, ensuring they'll hold up to everyday wear and tear.


Boards/Cards Only

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