ULTRAVERSE™ Neoprene-Covered Climbing Walls

This soft-covered kids climbing wall reaches the summit of safety!


Introduce young climbers to bouldering on these soft-covered traverse walls that are much friendlier than painted climbing walls. Knees and elbows won’t get scraped on this ¼” foam backing with a soft neoprene cover. This added safety feature welcomes nervous students to give climbing a try!

The foam layer is adhered to ¾” plywood, which is usually painted rather than covered. This new design features a scenic mountain print with a foliage line marking a safety guide for foot placement. Students can climb across the tree tops, and enjoy the view!

Walls come in lengths of 20’L (five 4’W panels) or 40’L (ten 4’W panels) with height options of 8’H or 10’H. The 20’L walls can allow up to 5 climbers at a time and the 40’L walls can allow ten climbers. The shorter, 8’H walls are great for elementary students, while middle school students and older might enjoy the 10’H walls.

Pair with the ULTRAVERSE™ SafetyClose™ Mat System to safely close the climbing wall when it’s not in use. The mat straps easily loop over functional Wall-Closer™ climbing holds while a cable can be woven through and locked, preventing kids from climbing unsupervised. Create a challenging yet fun activity with an obstacle course guide and other climbing accessories! The Safety Close Mat System™ and obstacle course guide are sold separately.

Included with the walls are fun kids climbing holds: 100 for 20’W walls and 200 for 40’W walls. All panels mount directly to the wall with included mounting hardware. A climbing wall rules sign is also provided to remind students about safety rules.

Give your students the confidence they need to climb high!


Uses Traverse climbing wall, young students, beginners
Dimensions ¾" thick panels with ¼" thick cover
Panel Options 20'W or 40'W; 8'H or 10'H
Material Plywood with foam-backed neoprene cover
Climber Capacity 5 climbers on 20'W wall, 10 climbers on 40'W wall (one student per panel)
Accessories Standard holds, climbing wall rules sign
Installation Panels mount directly to your wall with included bolts and anchors. Power drill bits included.


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