Funky Moves®

Interactive gaming system designed specifically for schools to make activity fun and engaging!


With more than 60 movement games for students possible, Funky Moves® is your solution to both cognitive development and physical wellness. Designed and developed to adhere to SHAPE America standards, the interactive games possible with Funky Moves® are great for all ages, from elementary school to high school students. And, thanks to superior construction and an innovative wireless design, they’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor play.

Exercises for Mind and Body

When mind and body work together to accomplish a task, students benefit doubly from that objective and are rewarded with positive personal growth. Funky Moves® takes this concept of complete training to a whole new level by offering more than 60 opportunities for students to use their minds and bodies, to accomplish challenging and exciting objectives.

As they watch, listen, and react to audio and visual clues, students will deploy a wide array of mental proficiencies, including memory and sequencing skills, pattern recognition, timing, problem solving, and more. Cognitively focused games will sharpen these skills and more by encouraging students to think critically and react accordingly. When cones are tapped, they emit lights and sounds to notify students of their success, delivering instant gratification and creating positive reinforcement.

Physical fitness is a big part of each of Funky Moves® interactive games and will leverage reaction time, agility, and quickness for a wide variety of superb cardiovascular workouts. Cones can even be integrated into different PE units to improve physical activities—consider dribbling a basketball around cones in a pattern based on audio commands, for example. Relay races, timed skills testing, and agility drills all serve to engage students in fun and challenging interactive games.

Each Funky Moves® set comes with a lesson guide, to assist instructors in picking out the right activities for their class. A wireless remote is quickly used to program cones based on the game being played.

Activities for everyone

Funky Moves® offers the best of both physical and mental workouts to students of all ages with more than 60 total activities possible. Each activity can be scaled in difficulty based on the capabilities of the class, making Funky Moves® a great addition to any PE class. In addition, they’re simple enough for anyone to understand—audio and visual commands are self-explanatory!

Accommodate up to 80 players at once (depending on the game) to create massively exciting activities. Set up Funky Moves® at recess to get students of all ages involved or integrate them into your school’s field day to add a new level of excitement to the school-wide competition.

Available in packs of 4, 8, and 12, there’s ample opportunity for teachers to shape activities around the needs of the class. Use multiple sets to break classes into small groups, with each group focused on building a different skill through a different game. Or, use extra cones to set up extended relay races, to get different teams involved. Finally, pair individual cones with other equipment or props for instant skills testing for the whole class.

Extremely Durable

Made with a hard plastic shell that’s designed to stand up to constant abuse from students, these cones are ready to stand the test of time in an institutional setting. Complementing the durable plastic shell is also a TPR rubber footing, which keeps each unit firmly in place, even in the heat of a fast-paced activity. Funky Moves® is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

The innovative wireless design of each cone also reduces the hazards associated with fast-paced play, since there are no cords to trip over while running. This wireless focus also means cones can be arranged without being confined by specific parameters.

Each set of Funky Moves® comes with a mobile storage bag that not only allows for easy transportation via built-in wheels, it keeps cones safe while they’re in storage. Furthermore, the bag has a charging feature that allows cones to be plugged in while they’re not in use. Just hook each cone into the bag’s interior charging ports, then plug a single exterior cord into an outlet for accessible charging.

Funky Moves® Options

Funky Moves® are available in sets of 4, 8, and 12. Each pack comes with wireless cone bases, a wireless remote, a lesson guide, and a storage bag.

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