ACTION!™ Drive 'N Dunk™ Set

It's a non-stop, continuous fast break with 24 balls in play!


Unique action-packed basketball-themed activity set encourages teamwork and careful strategy. Teams race to score all of their balls by advancing down the court and dunking or shooting them into the opponent's goal. At the signal, players dash to center court to grab a ball in their team's color and proceed to the goal by running, dribbling, or passing. The rules of the game promote teamwork and sharp passing. If a player is tagged while in possession of a ball, that ball -- and its point potential -- are eliminated for the rest of the round. If the ball is stolen, it goes back to center court and must be reclaimed. Teams can choose to focus on offense, defense, or a combination. The team that scores the most points in a predetermined amount of time wins! Custom-made Drive 'N Dunk™ goals have wider bases (36" dia) for added stability, and unique open-ended nylon nets that make it easy retrieve balls. Drive 'N Dunk™ balls are high bounce and made of a tacky vinyl material for enhanced durability and grip. Complete Set includes 2 goals, 24 balls (12 ea Red/Blue), and activity instructions.

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