ACTION!™ Tip-N-Flip™ Set

Protect your stand because if it tips, possession flips!


Teams strategize to get their beanbags onto the corresponding Tip-N-Flip™ stand while trying to tip over the other team's stand. If a player gets hit with a foam ball, their beanbag must be returned to its poly spot. If a stand gets hit and knocked over, the stand - and team in possession of that stand - flips! A team can be in possession of both stands at once, and goalies, offense, and defense all have specific roles in this fast-paced game. The first team to place all 12 beanbags onto their Tip-N-Flip™ stand(s) wins! Set includes 2 stands (24"H x 14" dia), 12 coated-foam balls (6" dia), 24 beanbags, 4 poly spots, 1 VersaBag™ mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.

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