Spooner® Assist Boards

Attached cord “assists” users to gain momentum and success with this premium balance board!


A premium version of The Spooner®, this model includes an assist cord to give users confidence while building balance skills. Once comfortable, they can detach the cord to continue to challenge themselves.

Perform Numerous Exercises

Incredibly simple to maneuver, your kids will stand, sit, rock, spin, slide, tilt, flip, and wobble in a myriad of different exercise options. Each activity challenges balance, while improving peripheral skills such as coordination and weight distribution. Whether it’s dribbling a soccer ball without looking down or performing an Ollie on a skateboard, the fundamental skills learned on Spooner® Assist Boards quickly translate over into practical application across a variety of sports.

Gradually Build Skills

A versatile new design improves core strength, stability, coordination, and gross motor skills in students by helping them discover the art of balance. Much like a skateboard or snowboard--but without the advanced skillset--coordination between body weight and position are required to achieve balance and sustain it throughout various movements.

Students will quickly become acclimated with their center of gravity and as time progresses, can abandon the assist cord to challenge themselves further in their pursuit of advanced skill development. Numerous exercise options allow kids to push the limits of their balance.

Superior Durability

Constructed with durable 3/8'' polyethylene, these 12"W boards are built to last and can take a beating both indoors and out! They are virtually unbreakable, even with routine rocking or if a student steps on it awkwardly. Non-marring design keeps floors looking new. Stackable design takes up minimal space and keeps boards organized.

Choose from 24”L (elementary) or 28”L (older users) sizes.

Spooner® Assist Board Options

Spooner® Assist Boards are available in 2 sizes.

  • 24"L, Blue
  • 28"L, Red
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