ClassPlus™ Burton®/Skate Pass® Indoor Snowboarding Pack

The first and only indoor/outdoor snowboarding program for PE!


No mountain, no problem -- this Pack is designed to bring an exciting recreational activity indoors. One student rides and 1-2 classmates students pull, teaching teamwork, and developing balance, core strength, and spatial awareness. Made-for-PE snowboards feature nylon ropes with wooden handles, and come with custom felt-bottom Hover Covers for smooth gliding across non-carpeted floors. Simply remove Hover Covers and use the snowboards on carpet, or outside on grass or snow. Curriculum with DVD expands on the different styles and techniques of snowboarding, foot placement, moves, and tricks. Pack includes enough equipment for up to 18 students and features 6 snowboards with covers and curriculum with DVD.

ClassPlus™ Pack includes:

  • Burton®/SkatePass® PE Custom Snowboards (6 ea)
  • Hover Covers (6 ea)
  • SkatePass® Snowboarding in School Curriculum w/ DVD (1 set)

Burton®/SkatePass® PE Custom Snowboards with Hover Covers

Simply add the felt-bottom Hover Covers to the durable wooden snowboards and ride all day! Upper part of Hover Covers is made of durable nylon, ensure a precise fit and board protection. Bases of snowboards are reinforced with high-performance polyethylene. Hover Covers are removable and boards can be used on carpet, and outside on grass or snow.

SkatePass® Snowboarding in School Curriculum w/ DVD

Provides detailed instruciton on the basics of snowboarding, as well as course set up. DVD features Olympic Gold medalist Kelly Clark and provides warm-up exercises and dryland tricks. Provides the option for 5-minute station loops ideal for a 30-minute class.

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