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UltraFit™ SlamBall™ Medicine Ball

The zero-bounce, zero-roll ball specially designed to slam!

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Long-lasting, textured cover withstands the toughest slamming workouts, with a sand-filled center that absorbs force on impact for zero bounce or movement. Sand center also shifts during throws or partner hand-offs for engaging core and stabilizing muscles. Graphics may vary. Truck delivery on Sets.

5-Ball Set. Includes 5 balls (2 ea 6 lb; 1 ea 8, 10, and 15 lb), tree rack, and set of 3 medicine ball charts.

10-Bell Set. Includes 10 balls (4 ea 6 lb; 2 ea 8, 10, and 15 lb), tree rack, and set of 3 medicine ball charts.


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Which medicine ball is right for me?

These 6"-11" dia balls feature grippy rubber or synthetic covers for premium control during strength training or partner workouts.

UltraFit™ Vintage™
UltraFit™ Performer™
UltraFit™ Enforcer™

Larger 14" dia and surface area is easier to track and control, making these balls perfect for throwing and catching workouts.

UltraFit™ Evolution™
UltraFit™ Demolition™
UltraFit™ Atlas™

Specifically designed with incredible durability and strength, these balls withstand vigorous slamming workouts.

UltraFit™ Endurance™
UltraFit™ SlamBall™
UltraFit™ Tremor™

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