UltraFit™ Cross Trainer Pack

All of the cutting-edge cross training equipment you need in smaller quantities for small group training!


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  • Set of 4 Warrior™ 1" dia Apprentice™ Ropes (30'L) with Warrior™ StrongHold™ Anchor Station
  • Set of 12 UltraFit™ Alpha™ Kettlebells (4 kg/9 lb - 20kg/44 lb) with UltraFit™ Steel Kettlebell Rack
  • Set of 10 UltraFit™ Tremor™ Slam Ball (6-15 lb) with UltraFit™ 10-Ball Medicine Ball Rack
  • Set of 16 UltraFit™ PreCision™ and IronRange™ Coleraine™ Training Bars with UltraFit™ Upright Bar Rack
  • Set of 12 UltraFit™ Workout Mats (Blue) with UltraFit™ Steel Workout Mat Rack
  • Set of 8 EZ Turn™ Speed Ropes (4 ea 7'L, 8'L)
  • 2 Ea Detonate™ Triad™ 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Boxes
  • Set of 8 UltraFit™ Cross Training Charts (24"L x 18"W)

 Warrior™ 1" dia Apprentice™ Ropes - 30'L (Set of 4)
Thinner ropes are perfect for younger students and beginners! Polypropylene 1" dia ropes are thinner, softer, and lighter, so they're easier to handle for learning proper technique. Poly boot ends eliminate fraying.

UltraFit™ Alpha™ Kettlebells - 4 kg/9 lb - 20kg/44 lb (Set of 12)
Our best uncoated cast-iron kettlebell, casted with new precision-gravity technology! Constructed with new gravity-casting technology for the most precise and consistent handle and bell. Rounded handle is more ergonomic and comfortable for wrists and forearms. Handle also features a protective matte finish for improved grip and handling. Colored handles denote weights. Weight label is molded into the bell and is shown in both kilograms and pounds.

UltraFit™ Tremor™ Slam Ball - 6-15 lb (Set of 10)
The zero-bounce, zero-roll ball specially designed to slam! Long-lasting, textured cover withstands the toughest slamming workouts, with a sand-filled center that absorbs force on impact for zero bounce or movement. Sand center also shifts during throws or partner hand-offs for engaging core and stabilizing muscles.

UltraFit™ PreCision™ Training Bars (Set of 12)
The perfect bar for pre-workout routines and learning technique! Our warm-up bar featuring Olympic marks gives a realistic feel without the weight, providing a safe option for beginners and an ideal warm-up and stretching tool. 60"L. 28 mm dia.

IronRange™ Coleraine™ Training Bars (Set of 12)
The best tool for teaching proper Olympic lifting technique! The exact diameter (28.5 mm), light knurling, and collar position of a full-sized bar, but only 8 lb, 60"L. An excellent beginner bar as lighter weight allows users to focus on technique. Rubber collars on ends simulate real collar sleeves and protect the bar and your floor from damage.

UltraFit™ Upright Bar Rack (1 Ea)
The ultimate storage solution for organizing and hauling training bars! All-steel construction with convenient rack dividers provides superior strength and organization. Swiveling, locking casters makes transporting bars anywhere easy. 32"L x 21"W x 48"H; 80 lb.

UltraFit™ Workout Mats (Set of 12)
Thicker and tougher mats provide "Ultra" support and comfort to users all day, every day! Higher-density, closed-cell foam mats are more durable than original workout mats and are guaranteed not to rip, even when used with tennis shoes. Dual-sided mat features grippy outer layer on one side for increased traction with dynamic movements. Opposite side is ideal for slower, controlled moves. Grommets allow mats to air-dry when hanging. 48"L x 24"W x 1/2" thick. Blue.

UltraFit™ Steel Workout Mat Rack (1 Ea)
The 'Ultra' convenient way to store and transport workout mats! Constructed of heavy-duty powder-coated steel for lasting durability. 30"L x 30"W x 52"H.

EZ Turn™ Speed Ropes - 4 ea 7'L, 8'L (Set of 8)
Engineered for rapid, smooth revolutions and lasting performance! Unique design features molded plastic ball bearing fused to each end of 1/4" thick PVC rope, making it ideal for "double unders," and able to withstand institutional use. Sturdy, 1-piece plastic handles with ergonomic shape for comfort and nonslip grip pattern for safety. 5-1/2"L x 1-3/10" dia handles.

Detonate™ Triad™ 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Boxes (2 Ea)
Higher-quality wood for a stronger, yet lighter 3-in-1 plyo box! Constructed of sanded aspen wood instead of plywood with more ergonomic handle cutouts, our popular 3-in-1 wood plyo box is now more durable - and even easier to move! Simply flip the box to get 3 different heights (20", 24", 30"H). Rounded corners keep users safer. Fully assembled.

UltraFit™ Cross Training Charts (Set of 8)
Expert instruction for a variety of moves! Provide constant reinforcement and instruction for a variety of cross-training moves in full-color, easy-to-follow Charts. Set of 8.

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