Rainbow® AirFoam™ Balls

Super-soft, squeezably fun pvc balls have a tacky surface that's easy and safe to catch.


With a textured PVC soft-touch cover almost as light as a balloon yet stronger than a beach ball, these balls offer a great substitute for harder rubber or plastic balls! AirFoam™ helps teach throwing, catching, squeezing, bouncing, and many other initial ball-handling skills.

Easy to Grip

Give your class a super tacky ball that makes learning to catch easier than ever! This seamless ball will make introductions to tossing and catching more enjoyable for your class, as it’s designed with a super soft and textured PVC cover. The ball almost sticks to your hands as a result!

Tremendous Versatility

The light air feel and tacky cover allow the ball to be implemented in a wide variety of games and activities. Use it to perfect tossing and catching skills, introduce students to beach volleyball, or throw it any game that needs a floating, feather light ball! The bladderless design allows the inflation level to easily be varied so to change up the size and bounce for the activity of the day.

Easy Organization

Six bright Rainbow® colors create instant separation of drills or teams. Each drill gets a color (green is bumping, yellow is setting) incorporate them with other Rainbow® equipment to create relays!

Rainbow® AirFoam™ Ball Options

Rainbow® AirFoam™ Balls are available in 2 sizes in colorful sets of 6.

  • 9" dia
  • 13" dia

 CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

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