Master® Padlocks with Keyway

The best padlock made is now even better, with BlockGuard™ anti-shim technology!


Latch assembly increases locker security by preventing shimming (inserting an object into the latch mechanism to open it). Stainless steel outer case with steel inner case, available in eight dial colors. All working parts are brass or cadmium-plated steel; 1" shackle. Choose Standard Combination Locks, SimpleCombos™ Locks with easy-to-remember combinations, or Custom Locks which can be personalized with school logos, names, or initials (in white only). Keyway entry for lost or forgotten combinations; Control Key sold separately. Prices are listed per lock. Minimum order of 15 Standard and SimpleCombo™, 100 Custom locks required. When ordering custom locks or if part of a previous series, specify the color, logo, and control number on the back of the lock when reordering (begins with the letter V followed by 2 or 3 numbers). All custom-keyed locks are specially made and not eligible to be returned. For all new series, a control key must be ordered.

Reordering Locks
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