FITstep™ Pro Uploadable Pedometers

Our first pedometer to feature an uploadable data function is still a PE favorite!

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Our first uploadable pedometer paved the way for quick and easy MVPA tracking by eliminating manual data tracking and organization. Students open the pedometer, set it into the data reader's dock, press down, and in less than 2 seconds the data uploads.

The FITstep™ Pro features digitally-precise technology that allows the pedometer to count steps, even if it isn't perfectly upright. A delayed-counting feature better measures true activity time, and prevents an inflated step total by only counting consecutive steps taken after activity begins, and not single steps taken in preparation. Pedometer also features a large, easy-to-read graph that continually displays MVPA. A longer battery life eliminates the hassle of routine replacement, and the indicator light informs users when the battery is low. Calibrates steps per minute (SPM) from 80 to 160. 

Specifically designed for PE, our FITstep™ software organizes data into printable reports. Recent updates include more efficient sorting and filtering functions, a new Quick Summary report for a concise snapshot review of student performance, and additional customization.

Order Individually or in Packs that include 15, 30, or 100 pedometers with security straps, data reader w/ software, and storage cases. Each 15 and 30 pack includes 1 data reader and software; 100 packs include 2 readers. Software is compatible with PC and Mac.

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Software and User Manual

The "Meet or Beat" Challenge: 3 Simple Ways to Motivate Students Using Pedometers by Jessica Shawley


Sport Tips

Which pedometer is right for me?

Understanding the functions of each pedometer is important when choosing the right model for you. 


To calculate distance walked, the pedometer multiplies the number of steps taken by the average stride length entered for the user. Accuracy in calculating this distance is directly related to how much variation there is in the user's walking/running speed. 

Caloric Expenditure

Step count is used to calculate the approximate number of calories expended. Calculations are made using data from clinical testing on average-size individuals. A pedometer's caloric calculations should be used as a reference only and not as an accurate measurement like with step count, MVPA, activity time, and distance.

Total Activity Time

To calculate your total activity time, the pedometer begins recording each time you begin to move and stops recording when you stop moving. NASPE guidelines recommend at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity for children, 30 minutes for adults.


MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) refers to physical activity that elevates a person's heart rate for a sustained period of time. An example of moderate activity includes a brisk walk; vigorous activity is a fast run. By tracking both the time and the intensity of activity, Gopher's FITstep™ pedometers are able to calculate 10-minute bouts of MVPA. NASPE's guideline of at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day dedicates a portion of that time (approximately 50%) to MVPA.

Step Count

The primary function of a pedometer is to measure step count. Most pedometers measure step count through a pendulum, although the FITstep™ Plus and Pro feature new technology for more precise step counting than others. Thanks to this mechanism, these pedometers give a more accurate count even when they are not perfectly upright.

Proper Positioning
Proper Positioning

Pedometers yield the most accurate results when properly placed on the user's waistband directly above the knee. Our FITstep™ Pro and FITstep™ Plus models now feature piezoelectric technology that allows the pedometer to count at any angle, eliminating the fuss of making sure it's always in an upright position. Most of our pedometers feature an alligator-style clip that easily fastens securely to belts, waistbands, and even rolled-over sweatpants.

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