Carlton® C-100 Recreational Shuttlecocks

Ideal for outdoor and school play.


Perfect for beginner badminton play, a durable base of PVC and a synthetic cork stand up to heavy abuse better than feather skirt options. Great for outdoor play, the yellow tip and white skirt will be easy to track against a clear blue sky.

Durable Design

Whether for practice or for play, the durable PVC base and synthetic cork tip of these birdies will take every hit delivered to them without breaking down or wearing out. Shuttles also stand up to the misuse that can come with learning the game of badminton, including accidently being stepped on by eager players. More resilient than feathered skirts, PVC is better suited for institutional use and outdoor play.

Made for the Outdoors

Because of the superior resilience of these shuttlecocks, outdoor play is made possible without risking damage to the birdie. Along with standing up to big hits, durable materials will also absorb the impact of asphalt and pavement without showing signs of degradation. A vibrant color scheme allows students to easily track shuttles against the sky, to help them make a more accurate return over the net.

Carlton® C-100 Recreational Shuttlecocks come in a tube of 6.

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