Carlton® F2 Tournament Shuttlecocks

Imitates feather flight, preferred by advanced players.


Designed for serious gameplay and tournament-style play, players will love the responsiveness and liveliness that superior materials generate with every hit. Advanced students will love the medium-speed these birdies offer, keeping games controlled, yet exciting. Available in 2 colors—white or yellow—both indoor and outdoor play are made possible.

Designed for Serious Players

A natural cork tip creates great feel off racquets when serving or volleying, allotting skilled players the ability to add touch and control to every shot. Medium-speed invites the potential for big hits by controlling birdie speed, yet allows play to be fast paced for volleys. Designed for tournament-caliber play, these shuttlecocks imitate feathered birdies for a resilient alternative that doesn’t sacrifice performance.

Resilient Construction

The heavy-duty nylon skirt and natural cork tip come together to form a construction that’s ready to take any abuses the game of badminton can deliver! Birdies will take hit after hit and remain in superior form as they sail loftily over the net, whether your heated match is being held indoors or out.

Carlton® F2 Tournament Shuttlecock Options

Carlton® F2 Tournament Shuttlecocks are available in tubes of 6 shuttlecocks in 2 colors.

  • White
  • Yellow
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