Carlton® T800 Shuttlecocks

Choose the speed to match your style of play.


Available in 3 styles, to best suit the proficiency level of your PE class and the environment of your play area, students can learn and play at their own pace with confidence. More durable than feathered skirts, a plasticized-nylon skirt adds flexibility and shock resistance to birdies that allows them to perform admirably, no matter the situation. 

A Variety of Speeds

The only birdies we offer with a tailored approach to speed control, Carlton® T800 Shuttlecocks make it easy to accommodate any level of play in a variety of conditions. PE teachers can invest in the option that’s most accommodating to their school’s climate or all 3 speed options, to incrementally introduce students to more advanced play options as they learn.

  • Slow Speed shuttlecocks are perfect for slowing play speeds down in more confined areas or those in warmer climates, at higher elevations.
  • Medium Speed shuttles are a staple for players of all skill levels and perform best at moderate temperatures or in areas near sea level.
  • High Speed birdies are reserved for advanced players looking for a fast match and perform best in colder climates below sea level.

Durable Construction

An extremely durable PVC base allows birdies to stand up to all levels of play and any abuse that might occur from big hits to accidental damage from eager players. The plasticized nylon skirt serves to add durability while also complementing performance, adding aspects of flexibility and shock-resistance to smashing hits. These shuttles offer a more resilient longevity over feathered birdies.

Carlton® T800 Shuttlecock Options

Carlton® T800 Shuttlecocks are available in tubes of 6 shuttlecocks, in 3 speeds and 2 colors.

  • Speeds
    • Slow
    • Medium
    • Fast
  • Colors
    • White
    • Yellow
Which shuttlecock is right for me?
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