Gopher Performer™ Shuttlecocks

A cork-base shuttle at a practice shuttle price!


This well-rounded birdie offers students great response and performance, at a price point that PE teachers and program directors will love! Two colors and exceptional durability make it an option for both indoor and outdoor play, with a natural cork base and nylon skirt that will stand up to heavy institutional play.

Accommodates all Levels

A great option for players of all skill levels, Gopher Performer™ Shuttlecocks provide moderate speed, control, and power, helping to standardize play in PE classes and recreational programs with varying ages. A natural cork base helps to control flight, keeping games engaging for all players, while still welcoming big play potential. White and yellow color options allow birdies to be tracked against a blue sky or white gym walls easily, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

Economical Design

Quality construction makes these shuttles a viable option for practice and play at every level. This one-size-fits-all solution comes at a budget-friendly price point, adding even more value to the product’s design. With a durable nylon skirt and natural cork base to fuel longevity, our most affordable cork option also becomes one of our biggest returns on investment for your badminton unit.

Gopher Performer™ Shuttlecock Options

Gopher Performer™ Shuttlecocks are available in tubes of 6 shuttlecocks in 2 colors.

  • White
  • Yellow
Which shuttlecock is right for me?
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