Gared® Fan-Shaped Glass Backboard

Our best fan-shaped backboard offers the feel of a main-court backboard in a space-saving design!


Give your students the best possible backboard performance, even when your court doesn’t quite measure up to the full size of a regulation surface. This basketball hoop with backboard exudes quality, resilience, and true-to-game performance that will provide your students with the best possible play, no matter where they’re shooting from.

True Play for Short Courts

Glass backboards offer the pinnacle of great rebounding and true hoop play, making them a must-have for any serious basketball program. To accommodate short court situations or spaces that lack the dimensions to provide a regulation court size, this fan-shaped glass backboard is the perfect compromise.

Fan shaped backboards limit the surface area of the shooting target, forcing students to play more accurately and with an emphasis on quick rebounding. This backboard continues to promote this style of play, yet takes the quality of play up a notch thanks to the glass construction. Students will see better accuracy as they hit shots off the backboard, as well as more playability on rebounds.


  • Steel frame provides support to the backboard, making it able to withstand over 1100 lb of direct force! This is far more than that of an aluminum frame, which start to fail at around 700 lb of force. Frame is also powder coated to prevent oxidation and increase the board’s longevity.
  • Unit comes pre-drilled for easier installation of both padding and goal to the backboard, as well as when it comes time to mount.
  • ½” thick glass backboard, used by collegiate and professional basketball programs across North America. It offers unmatched durability and is virtually unbreakable!
  • Fan-shaped design offers a streamlined, non-competitive option that is often used for side courts where space is precious. It does not offer as much space for bank shots as a rectangular backboard.
  • Fired in white border and shooter square will not fade or wear over time, giving players a clear mark to shoot for.

Gared® Fan-Shaped Glass Backboard Options

Gared® Fan-Shaped Glass Backboards are available as standalone backboards or in packages that include a goal and net. Truck delivery.

  • Backboard, 54”W x 39”H, 125 lb
  • Complete Packages, Pkg w/ 39”H, 162 lb
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