Rainbow® UltraStrike™ Coated-Foam Bowling Balls

Our softest premium coated-foam bowling balls are gentle for users and floors!

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As the softest bowling ball we offer, UltraStrike™ is handcrafted from premium, European-quality coated foam and is safe for use with all ages and on all floors. A smooth surface coating consistently delivers an even roll, and at 14 oz., they’re heavy enough to topple most weighted pins!

Safe and Soft

Foam is by far the most user-friendly material for bowling balls. Their light weight makes these balls easy to grip, handle, and roll. Their softness comes from a premium, European-quality foam, which is safe for use on all floors. Never worry about marks or indentations!

The cushiony feel not only provides better handling, but also makes them easy to roll handle and roll. A premium coating protects the foam from absorbing water and dirt and prevents students from picking at it. Each ball features 2 sets of 3-finger hole patterns for multiple hand sizes, making them great for institutional settings.

Despite their light weight, the balls still manage to be heavy enough to topple most weighted pins upon collision. An 8-1/2” diameter makes the ball regulation size, but its 14 oz. weight makes it significantly lighter for beginners!

Color Options

A Rainbow® Set of 6 easily accommodates large groups! Coordinate with pins to create 6 color-coded games, or add other equipment create multiple activity stations!

Rainbow® UltraStrike™ Coated-Foam Bowling Ball Options

Rainbow® UltraStrike™ Coated-Foam Bowling Balls are available in a Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individually in Orange.

  • Rainbow® Sets of 6
  • Individual Orange 


Sport Tips

Which bowling ball and pins are right for me?

Ball Material

Foam: The safest, lightest, most user-friendly material. Great for young players.
Rubber & Rubberized Plastic: Truer play than foam, with less bounce, and better roll. Semisoft material is easy on floors.
Plastic:  Hard solid material for experienced players; is most like a real ball. 

Pin Material

Foam Pins: Our safest and quietest pin. Designed for younger players.
Plastic: Nonweighted (easier to knock over), weighted (for more stability), and official weight (most like a real pin).

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