CoachPlus™ Flag Football Packs

Everything needed for instant football action in one convenient flag football pack!

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Keep your class and team ready to play with all of the flag football equipment they need. Packs include the supplies you need to keep students—from elementary to high school—geared up for the action.

Exceptional Equipment

Centered around our top-notch Gopher Comp 1000™ football, our CoachPlus™ Packs feature high-quality gear. Our composite leather ball is a great game ball for official and non-official play. Plus, because it’s important to have properly sized equipment at any age, we offer 3 packs with footballs sized to the needs of your class, team, or league. 

We designed the packs to fit the needs of your class. Our Junior Pack includes Junior size footballs and medium flag belts perfect for elementary students. The Intermediate Pack features Youth size footballs and a mix of medium and large flag belts for middle schoolers. And the Official Pack has Official size footballs with large flag belts for high school and rec leagues.

Multiuse Opportunities

These all-in-one packs are a great option for PE, before and after school programs, and rec leagues. You can also use the equipment for other activities. For example, students can play tag with the flag belts, work on their kicking skills with the kickoff tees, or just play a game of catch with the footballs.

Easy Transportation and Storage

Easily move the pack from storage to the field and back. All of the gear conveniently fits into a DuraBag™ Duffel. Handles and a shoulder strap make it extremely easy to transport the equipment. Plus, the storage bag keeps it all together so you never have to search for missing pieces. 

CoachPlus™ Flag Football Pack Options

CoachPlus™ Flag Football Packs are available in 3 packs. Kickoff Tee also sold separately.

  • Junior
  • Youth
  • Official

Packs include:


Sport Tips

Which football is right for me?

Material Types


The best-handling material. Used in pro, college, and high school games. 


A quality leather-like material at a good price. Great practice or game ball. 


A manufactured material that offers the enhanced grip and feel of a composite at a good price. Great for practice and PE instruction. 

Stitched Rubber

The durability of rubber with stitched panels for a game-ball feel. 


Molded construction offers an extremely durable surface at a low cost. Great for PE and other demanding institutional usage.

Size 2
  • Mini
  • Early Elementary
Size 3
  • Junior
  • Elementary
Size 4
  • Intermediate 
  • Middle School/Junior High
Size 5
  • Official
  • High School and Up
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